Gate Fees and Event Hours:



Gates Open Friday & Saturday
8:00am - 5:00pm
Display an Antique Motorcycle, Vintage Chopper or Pre-1961 Hot Rod and you get in for FREE!
That's right!  Free Admission if you display your stuff.
So bring out your old iron, better yet, ride or drive it to the meet and you get in for FREE.

The gate fee includes FREE parking
If you are displaying a bike or working the event, admission is FREE.

Credit Cards are accepted at the gate.
ATM Machine is available in building "E"

If you are a vendor there is no additional gate fee charge. 
If you plan to vend at the event please refer to the
Vendor Information Page

To receive your discount at the gate you need to be a card carrying member of the following clubs. Please have your card with you to receive your discount.

Participating Clubs that will receive a discount:

Antique Motorcycle Club of America
Antique Truck Club of America
Century Museum Village and Collectors Association, Inc
Morgan 3/4 Club
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club

If your club is interested joining us to display during the meet please contact us so we can add your club to the discount list.

Discount for Club Members
1 day / $10.00
2 days / $15.00
General Admission
1 day / $15.00
2 days / $25.00
Children under 13

The two day pass is a great bargain!