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The AMCA Judging System

Any club member with a motorcycle that is 35 years old or older is eligible for judging at AMCA national meets. The Antique Club has established authenticity as the most important factor in determining quality of an antique motorcycle, i.e. “as it left the factory”. A great deal of time has been devoted to the development and refinement of a universal judging system as well as the training of a panel of qualified judges. Motorcycles compete against the judging form, not against other machines. In addition to the high-caliber judging awards for Junior, Senior and Winners’ Circle, recognition awards are also given for the oldest motorcycle on the field, for the three motorcycles ridden the greatest distance to the meet, Period-Modified, and for uniqueness, as considered by the judges.
For complete judging information follow the link to the
AMCA Judging Information webpage

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Judging Registration

Deadline for pre-registration: June 23, 2017.
Pre-register for judging at Rhinebeck on AMCA's website.
Judging Registration fee is $10.00 if you pre-register. If you register for Judging at the meet it is $20.00 per machine.
If you are signing up a bike at the meet for judging you will need to sign up at Coalition Headquarters in Building "

Please note:
Due to a high number of entries, AMCA Judging at Rhinebeck will now start at 8:00 AM on Saturday, July 1st by Building "

The host chapters of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America may provide a facility for shelter only. The Antique Motorcycle Club of America and Host Chapters DO NOT assume care, custody or control for vehicles or property stored within said facility. No one 16 years old and under or without a valid drivers license will be allowed to operate a motorized vehicle on National Meet Grounds.

New York State is a Helmet Law State
Please abide by state laws.